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Freddy’s Glove – Waxfase

Freddy’s Glove – Waxfase
Freddy’s Glove – Waxfase
🔥1. Freddy’s Glove
🔥2. Summers Coming
🔥3. Neva Forget
🚒4. Got My Pistol (ft King Iso, Taebo Tha Truth)
🆗5. Pullin Power
🆗6. 7 Pairs (ft Lil Dee)
This one starts off strong peaks in the middle and falls flat on its face at the end. The last two tracks aren’t objectively bad, the singing could use some work but the problem is the vibe established by the pacing in this project. To get that hype and then immediately slide into some flat toned auto tuned singing. Something as simple as rearranging the tracks a little coulda saved you a couple points.
6.8/10 – JW
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