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Oakley 2 – A.M. Early Morning

Oakley 2 – A.M. Early Morning
Oakley 2 – A.M. Early Morning
👍🏾1. Chicago Shit
🔥2. Oakley Block
🔥3. Steve Austin Entrance
🌊4. Outside
🚒5. Contraband On Taylor By The Bacci’s
🌊6. Close To The Best
🌊7. Roll One for Menoover & Big Jon Pt. 2
This shit is dope. That gritty Chiraq shit. The best part about this is the grown man doing hood shit to get out the hood energy, not that sittin safe in the suburbs dreaming about busting guns while standing on ya parents tesla. The energy is here, the subject matter is here too. Penmanship is slick he talking nice so he don’t need to get too busy. The production is super dope every beat was refreshing in its own sense and had mad bang to it. This that shake the block type shit whether you zooming by way too fast or pretending to do shit under the hood type energy. No features either he put together a solid thought with good replay value. In rotation.
7.5/10 – John D.
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