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Space Rhyme Continuum – Blonju & Genesis Da God

Space Rhyme Continuum – Blonju & Genesis Da God
Space Rhyme Continuum – Blonju & Genesis Da God
🌊01. Conscious Monsters
🌊02. 72 Tzakidum
🔥03. Rockin’ Tha Boat
🌊04. Stranger’s Heart
🔥05. Been Too Long f. Daphya
🔥06. Insane In The Membrane f. D.Cure
🔥07. Godz Illa
🆗08. ABC f. Jubilation
🌊09. Glo Glo
👍🏾10. Behind Bars
🆗11. The Dead Zone f. Lyphe (some strange backround noises on the beat)
Project is solid, one thing that I couldnt help notice was most of these songs lowkey were mad long, some kinda dragged and it effected the songs slightly. Outside of that and a couple weak hooks, you got some very high level emcees working well together. They both contrast eachother well in many ways from the amount of flows they decide to bring out, the technicality and the subject matter. It is a good time if you want something that demands you to lock in and really listen. This is not for the short attention spand having ass kids or for people who auto breathe out they mouth. Its one of those ones that is almost exhausting with how much it has in it so it will for sure lead casual listeners away. You throw a lil more flair on this, cut down some of the track length and rework some hooks, then this duo will put out something special. Still dope too, in rotation.
6.8/10 – John D.
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