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I’m A Disappointment – Sarcastic Sounds

I’m A Disappointment – Sarcastic Sounds
I’m A Disappointment – Sarcastic Sounds
🌊1. ohfuckimnotok
💎2. existential crisis in c major
🚒3. Disappointment f. Rxseboy
🔥4. say goodbye
🔥5. change ur mind f. Claire Rosinkranz & Clinton Kane
🔥6. Song You’ll Never Hear f. Maisie Peters
🌊7. Closure f. Birdy & Mishaal
If you looking for some real sad boy lines but with the vibe of the scrubs opening theme song this is for you. Project managed to make me feel awful and great at the exact same time. The lyrics hit home, deep but simple, easy to memorize and digest but also might bring up a memory or lingering thought or 2. The vibe is smooth all the beats could be best described as warm and sometimes borderlined dramatic. The melodics, the variety, even in the mixes because some songs def sound more cassette like than others, its nice felt refreshing, like something someone who truly loves what they do put together. Big shout out to all the features too for completely transforming songs. Great vibe, a career I can get behind. In rotation.
9/10 – John D.
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