Sistas – Xiomara

Sistas – Xiomara


Sistas – Xiomara
?01. The Magician
?02. Sistas
?03. Chardonnay
?04. Chardonnay Etude
?05. Lamp
?06. Light Dep
?07. Mary New Religion (Medieval Mix)
?08. The Downside Hotel
?09. The Rattler
?10. For Hanna
?11. Little Angel
?12. Easy
?13. Barbara f. Son Little
?14. Believe in Love f. B. DeVeaux
?15. Crown
✒️16. Runaway Caroline f. Vincent
?17. Dontcha Like It
?18. Mary New Religion II f. Clark Sims [Metropolis Mix]
?19. O Mother f. Son Little
This the lady that Adele apparently stole her whole flow, bar for bar. All that internet violence aside, this project is beautiful. The amount of heart and soul that went into this one honestly could have been spread longer than 19 tracks. That being said tho this one is long, its such a good vibe that you wont even realize the time flying by. The substance, the talent, the beautful beats, melodies all of it, even the features came to add more to it, it all worked. This is something to be proud of also something you can put on in any kitchen around the world and it will be the equivalent to saging the place. Great pacing too. This for the women out there that don’t associate with that lil girl shit. Grown woman music. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.


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