Virtual – Dontaviou$

Virtual – Dontaviou$


Virtual – Dontaviou$
?01. Intro
? 02. The Preacher
? 03. Hold On
?? 04. Real Never Fade Feat. Young Dirty
? 05. Track 5
?06. Don’t Fall Feat. ? Conscious
?07. Focused
??08. Propaganda
?09. Sucker Free Feat. Kimo Special
?10. Not A Drill
?11. Cathedral
?12. Numb The Feeling
?13. Sunshine & Rain
This album had its ups and its downs, but overall it was a pretty dope. He started the album off string with that intro, and he ended the album off nice with that ending track. The pacing from the main meat of the album was a little off. And when he tried of different styles in some songs, it didn’t really work like I think he wanted it to. But when he just raps, it’s solid. A lot of the auto tune wasn’t needed or wasn’t done right when it did need it. Sounded like he was trying to sound like the new age rappers that use auto tune in similar ways. Overall, pretty dope.
6.8/10 – RecklessDWR


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