Obsessed EP – Jake Daniels

Obsessed EP – Jake Daniels


Obsessed EP – Jake Daniels
?1. Liar
?2. Obsessed
?3. Novia
?4. Creep
?5. Two Face
?6. Drop the Match
Project slides. Highkey this project is for straight cats who use the word sexy but when referring to themselves, and also absolutely wear the shit out of skinny jeans, and not in a under the buttcheeks soundcloud rapper type of way. You got a nice story behind all of the bops, you either listen to this in dance mode or listen mode, it just wont end up pretty if you do both, just popping and locking with tears coming down your face. I like the variety, its very clean, SUPER catchy, the music also sounds very full. Each song has a clear opening, middle and climax that create atmosphere. Easily loopable, and highkey on some Pixar Disney movie type levels of catchy and quality. I promise if you play this around babies, toddlers and white girls with a few shots in them they will dance off key and probably fall. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.


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