Gold-Diggers Sound – Leon Bridges

Gold-Diggers Sound – Leon Bridges

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Gold-Diggers Sound – Leon Bridges

?01. Born Again f. Robert Glasper
??02. Motorbike
??03. Steam
?04. Why don’t you touch me
?05. Magnolias
?06. Gold-diggers (Juniors Fanfare)
?07. Details
?08. Sho Nuff
?09. Sweeter f. Terrance Martin
?10. Don’t Worry f. Ink
?11. Blue Mesas
For the most part this is a nice piece of work but that’s about it….just a nice piece of work. Had some good songs on here but nothing was great. Add in a couple dull moments but not terrible and yeah you get…… just nice. Smooth delivery with some pretty basic instrumentation. Good background music but not necessarily in rotation for me.
5/10 – TR3


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