Dog Boy – ZillaKami

Dog Boy – ZillaKami

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dog Boy – ZillaKami

?01. Chewing Gum!
?03. Lemon Juice
??04. Not Worth It
??05. Hello
??06. Bleach f. Denzel Curry
??07. 631 MAKES ME
??08. IHY
??09. BADASS f. Lil Uzi Vert
?10. Tactical Nuke Interlude
??11. Nissan Only
?12. Black Cats
??13. dedgrl
??15. Space Cowboy
I instantly want to do a line just to enjoy this project in it’s entirety & I’ve never done coke in my life. Angry? Ready to fight to the bloody death then make a ballad about the person? How about chain-smoking cigarettes while emptying a pill bottle to aid your pitiful yet loved addiction that your waiting to finally die from? Well this is for you & only for you. Besides those themes, Kami got some great vocal range. Production starts to get redundant on the hype tracks making the deep cuts way more enjoyable than they should be. Only would play FROSTY back for the tone & vibe it sets when I’m in the melancholy mood.
5/10 – T.R.3


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