Pleasure Is Pain – UniverSAL

Pleasure Is Pain – UniverSAL


Pleasure Is Pain – UniverSAL
?01. Pleasure Is Pain Intro
?02. My Insane Life
??03. Pleasure Is Pain
?04. You Make Me Happy f. InFluenza
?05. Somebody Please
?06. Therapeutic Music
??07. I Need Love
?08. Im No Good
??09. Don’t Say Love Unless You Mean It
?10. They Say Im Crazy
?11. Im A Beast
?12. Real Eyes Realize Real Lies
?13. This Is A Mans World
??14. Black Magic Woman f. ?Kurse Session
?15. Unveiling My Skeletons
??16. Built For This f. Slick Spit
?17. They Know Me f. Krackabeats, Hempz & Ceo
?18. From Gilroy With Slugz (FGWS) f. ?J Won
??19. Underrated, Dedicated, and Unfaded
?20. Never Seen It Coming f. J Won
This the ultimate uncle tape. Now This Is What I Call Music for Grillmasters and dudes who invested allot into they smokers. Jokes aside tho I love where this dudes head was at. He clearly loves music, he pays homage, had some dope samples, went through different eras of hip hop and lowkey was doing his best to switch it up accordingly. It didnt always work but the love was there. Where it goes bad is delivery, sometimes it was rough or cringe, or when he did pull it off the song would be way too long and drain you. Project is a bunch of good ideas just executed badly, you got dope clearly uncleared samples, solid beats even some solid sampled hooks and such but when he comes on its chaos, no finesse. A solid circle and honest ears could’ve had really made this solid, even a cleaner mix but end result this one is a mess. Pass but hopefully he takes notes from this and not just people saying its dope.
3/10 – John D.


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