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Death of a King – Reggie Royale & Volatile

Death of a King – Reggie Royale & Volatile
Death of a King – Reggie Royale & Volatile
🎬01. A King’s Demise (Intro)
🔥02. For Your Love
🆗03. Lovely
🌊04. LOVEHATE (Interlude)
🔥05. Wrong
🔥06. Falling
🔥07. Get a Hold of Yourself
🌊08. Where’s the Love f. INF!
👍🏾09. The Light
🌊10. K.O.S. (Knowledge of Self)
🎬11. Death of a King (Outro)
Project is a dope time. The story hits the hardest, the sprinkle on top are the skits that make you laugh but also hurt too. The story behind this im 100% behind, the love, the downfall the pacing it worked for sure. Great substance for the fellas and maybe lesbians. The production is wild, its dope for sure but sometimes I couldn’t tell if I was having a stroke or not. One thing that didn’t always work on here were some of the hooks, which is unfortunate because when things were hitting they were fucking hitting and the hook would just really fuck up the energy, some of them could’ve used a bit more seasoning. Outside of that you got a solid project, this is for that awkward period after a bad breakup where you have to decide to become a whore, extremely in shape or start a podcast. In rotation.
7.3/10 – John D.
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