Back For Everything – Kodak Black

Back For Everything – Kodak Black


Back For Everything – Kodak Black
?01. Let Me Know
?02. Back For Everything
?03. Grinding All Season
?04. Smackers
?05. On Everything
?06. Purple Stamp
?07. Midas Touch
?08. Sink My Ship
?09. Usain Boo
??10. Vulnerable (Free Cool)
??11. Elite Division
?12. Omega
?13. Hitting Houses
?14. Love Isn’t Enough
?15. Take You Back f. ?Lil Durk
?16. He Love the Streets
??17. Super Gremlin
?18. I Wish
?19. Love & War
The king of mouth breathing drool raps is back. He rap like he mouthwash with Canola oil. Like hes locked in a studio and when its time to eat his label throws in a live fish for him to smash with a rock then take a bite out of it. There’s songs on here that slide and go well with the drooling and the street talk, but when he tries to like rap rap it sounds like he got forced to read in front of his classroom, when hes sliding tho hes sliding, the autotune singy thing works. Outside of that the bubble gum stuff or overly upbeat stuff isnt the best, its better when its got a bit of a darker tone. Cut this in half then you have a solid release, but sadly you are stuck with a bunch of throwaways, forced lazy stuff with sprinkles of hope. More features could’ve helped. Take what you can from this.
5.5/10 – John D.


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