5 Min Of Your Time – Gold Stem

5 Min Of Your Time – Gold Stem

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]5 Minutes Of Your Time – Gold Stem

?1. Hello (feat. John D. Contradiction)
?2. How Are You (feat. Kyru Wik)
?3. I’m Fine (feat. Heriath)
?4. Let’s Take A Ride (feat. Black Shakespear)
?5. Till Next Step (feat. Dippity)
This is a cool little five piece that’s short sweet and to the point. Beats were very atmospheric but the production was very hit or miss. Like heriath and dippity can sing but the mixing could’ve been way better. Better mixing on those two alone and we’re talking maybe the best songs on the album. The weakest song was track 4. Just wasn’t feeling the energy from homey that the beat was giving. Other than my gripes overall it was an easy listen and I love the beats and the story behind each song. In rotation
8/10 – LP


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