SICK! – Earl Sweatshirt

SICK! – Earl Sweatshirt

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?01. Old Friend
??02. 2010
?03. Sick!
?04. Vision f. Zelooperz
?05. Tabula Rasa f. ?Armand Hammer
??06. Lye
?07. Lobby
?08. God Laughs
?09. Titanic
?10. Fire in the Hole
Sounds like Earl finally put out something somewhat mixed. This is highkey for cats who buy clothes that look worn and used. Faux thrift shit. You have a bunch of extremely short looped beats, some a bit more piercing than others while some are beautiful but overall the beats are one 4 second loop copy and pasted mad times. The content is here hes rap rapping, features are doing they thing too but sonically it stressed me out. Earl himself cant decide on whether he wants his yelling demeanor to be loud or low but still yelling, somewhere between the volume people speak at in your ear at parties. Its short but most songs felt like a tiny bit was missing to make them feel complete. Its not bad its smooth but I just couldn’t shake the fact that it feels a bit premature but still solid. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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