Forever2Smoove – Rico 2 Smoove

Forever2Smoove – Rico 2 Smoove

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Forever2Smoove – Rico 2 Smoove

??2. Ol Skool
??3. Tear it off
?4. We All Active
??5. 4 Nickel
?6. This Life Goes On
?7. Takeover
This project ain’t really hitting like homie want it to. Love the beats and even a couple of the features gave me something but this concepts is all gang shit. At this point in hip hop today something like this has become the most cliche niche and it’s sad because he may really be bout it. Either way that doesn’t make up for 6 tracks of the same run a nigga down music that still has me baffled. Overall this project wasn’t bad but still pretty generic.
4/10 – TR!P


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