More True Stories – Jamal Gasol

More True Stories – Jamal Gasol

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]More True Stories – Jamal Gasol

Side A
?1. Nasty Falls
?2. Hope
?3. Wilson Farms
?4. Ignorance is Bliss ft Street Justice
?5. CD Man(skit)
?6. 182 Transit Rd, Door 3
?7. Pressure ft M.A.V
?8. Ps & Qs
?9. North Ave ft Yaya
?10. The Hated
?11. Interlude
?12. Relapse ft Koncept Jack$on & Toneyboi
?13. Apple Walk
?14. 2015
Side B
?1. Maid in the Mist
?2. Talkin Spicy (Skit)
?3. The Threat
?4. Vibe Awards
?5. Case of Blow
?6. Real Talk ft Che Noir
?7. Footprints ft Heem
?8. Caught Up
?9. Gangsta Party
?10. Big Miz interlude
?11. 10,000 Hours ft Ty Farris
?12. Make Amends ft Skyzoo
?13. Family Affair ft Highlandboy Roy & Rico Tellem
?14. This Rap Shit is Wrestling
This project is two sides of the same blue face 100. Side A gave us the sample platter while Side B gave me the rest of what I just sampled. Immaculate bars, great stories, decent pacing, and a lot of impressive features. My grievances are minuscule compared to how Gasol just snapped on this project in general but a couple times I wish he picked up the pace with his flow a bit but besides that this is bountiful badassery. I wholeheartedly recommend this project.
8.5/10 – TR!P
Side A
Side B


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