Jiggy Mami – Nitty Scott

Jiggy Mami – Nitty Scott

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Jiggy Mami – Nitty Scott

?01. Mami’s Universe
?03. Jiggy Mami ft Mya
?04. Bag Lady 2.0
?05. Get twisted
?06. $pace Cowgirl
??07. Thought it was
?08. The Frightening Parts
??09. Wilkinson County Wildcats
??10. Broken Savior
?11. I’m Sawwy
?12. Hereditary
This ain’t it. Nitty Scott is an impressive rapper but an average artist at best on this project. This project starts off with some steam and then goes completely in the opposite direction. The mix on most of the tracks are appalling and nothing she’s rapping is anything that interesting. Overall this is something I’m glad had no features so I can solely put the blame on the mastermind herself.
4.5/10 – TR!P


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