Pandorah’s Boxxx – $urferr Gold X LYD Vicious

Pandorah’s Boxxx – $urferr Gold X LYD Vicious

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Pandorah’s Boxxx – $urferr Gold X LYD Vicious

?01. Solo
??02. GTA22
?03. THCA Dimonds
?04. Mind Control
?05. RLD
?06. Goku
??07. Look Easy
?08. Money On The Road
?09. Prey For Too Much Paper
??10. Pandorah S Boxxx (just Anybody)
??11. MED
Project needs a small amount of elbow grease. Both artists are clean they understand some flows and flair for sure but every song left me feeling like something was missing whether it was dope or not. The mix was inconsistent, the content was ok, the beats were inconsistent and it honestly made me feel like they were so close. Lady on here was snapping, and homeboy was too but for every good thing I have to say there was something that took away from it. I feel like a remaster would bring this to life but highkey also feel like whatever they drop next could be dope with a bit more love and care quality wise. Not bad but not as great as it could be.
5.5/10 – John D.


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