sometimes i like 2 sing <3 - Reverie

sometimes i like 2 sing <3 - Reverie

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]sometimes i like 2 sing <3 – Reverie

??01. im a broke artist but ily
?02. tell another lie
?03. f**k me like you miss me f. Emilio Rojas
?04. just blow on it
?05. le artist
?06. get 2 know ya
?07. rico como un churro f. Almanegra
?08. hotbox & aux cord lol
?09. im high af rn
?10. extra french vanilla latte
?11. i am god
?12. begging u 2 stay
?13. you love me but i love u more
?14. shame on me
?15. he ghosted me twice
?16. don’t miss me
?17. f**k buddy
??18. thug night f. Chato 473
?19. i wrote you everyday wtf
?20. sunny in december
Loving these song titles. Project stays true to the song titles, the energy of this. is very real. Its got ups and downs, and all that emotionally embarrassing honesty that ya boy needs his music to drown him in. It tells a story that can be summarized as a high school relationship that set the tone for the rest of someones dating life. She does it all too, cant no one tell her shit. Singing was solid for the most part had some moments where autotune was def tryna hide, but when she rapped thats when shit started hitting my soul, she got a crazy storytelling type flow on top of also telling stories, it was dope. To back track on that high school comment do not get it twisted this is grown woman raps and skits. I wished it closed out with a bang but overall I really enjoyed myself. In rotation.
7.5/10 – John D.


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