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Smile, You’re Alive! – Benji. & Spillage Village

Smile, You’re Alive! – Benji. & Spillage Village


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Smile, You’re Alive! – Benji. & Spillage Village
🌊01. Rain
🌊02. Zola Rose
🌊03. Shine
🔥04. East Side Bounce f. Pk Delay
🌊05. Black Satin f. Jordan Hawkins
🔥06. No Kidding
🔥07. Shake f. My Favorite Color
🚒08. Sanctuary
🔥09. Elevate
🔥10. Good Morning
🌊11. Right On
🔥12. C.U.E.U.P.U. f. Mars Jackson
🌊13. Wave f. Livefromthecity
Project is a good time. I was confused at first because I didn’t hear the rest of everyone but this is specifically Benji from Spillage Village’s project. Once you get passed the confusion you end up trapped in this entire vibe. The production is top tier, very bright, bunch of instruments, new age relevance and all almost on some Chance the Rapper before marriage type stuff or if he wasn’t as lightskinded. Then you have all the features adding the perfect contrast and doing more than features should. Lastly you have Benji, who can do it all, different caliber’s for each but his best bag is when hes just vibing, very high energy hooks, smooth raps, and he for sure has allot to say. This album is complete for sure, first half being super lax and second being full on soul, you cant go wrong with this one. In rotation.
8.5/10 – John D.
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