Dim-Mak – Napoleon Da Legend & D.U.S

Dim-Mak – Napoleon Da Legend & D.U.S

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dim-Mak – Napoleon Da Legend & D.U.S

?01. Quadricep Cuts f. DJ Djel
?02. Full Nelson
?03. Black Mirror
?04. Archetype Alpha f. Recognize Ali
?05. Bolo Yeung
?06. Brooklyn Brexit f. Harry Shotta
?07. 20 Steps
?08. Budokai
?09. Dim-Mak f. Banish Habitual & DJ Scribe
?10. Redemption
Project slaps. Dope theme, blood sport is that movie and all movies like that are that movie so if you aint in tune you probably moisturize your palms and elbows every night before bed. You have these dope asian cut beats, solid features and to top it all off the star of the show Napoleon just teaching you something new. From just punchlines, to content, even when hes getting spicy hes teaching you something whether its new words, new flows, or even how to curse out rappers and make it sound good. Its dope, this dude dont really miss, and on top of already giving us that Guru with a Nas twist feel, he got themes to keep us in this time machine of dopeness. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.


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