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Family Matters – X-Raided & Luni Coleone

Family Matters – X-Raided & Luni Coleone
Family Matters – X-Raided & Luni Coleone
👎🏾01. Family Introduction
👎🏾02. Go Against You
🗑03. It’s Everybody Killa f. Playboi Prada
👍🏾04. No Panic (Caught the Case) f. Vaughn Fontana
😴05. On My Own
🌊06. You Know Me f. Playboi Prada
🌊07. Temptations f. Duccie
🆗08. Bout My Dollaz
👍🏾09. Get Busy f. Nhale
👍🏾10. Thru the Roof f. Stackz Tha Rapper & Playboi Prada
🌊11. Goin Thru Some Thangs (Dear Mama)
This a whole lotta bay area sounding aggro thuggery. Project asked me where Im from, where my grand momma stay, and where my momma stay. Honestly it started off overly aggressive to the point where it felt like a 70’s gangster flick but based in LA. Once it started to smooth out and all that lowrider shit was out the way this got smooth. I will take the second half of this over the first half anyday. You got old head raps and vibes on this that are hit or miss. Highkey you get the vibe of that old dude talking shit that you might not realize could whoop your ass so you fuck around and find out. Take some songs off these and its ok, but overall pacing and sound wise it could be better. Project is meh.
5/10 – John D.
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