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Hall Of Fame Hustler – Paul Wall

Hall Of Fame Hustler – Paul Wall


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Hall Of Fame Hustler – Paul Wall
🌊01. High as Me
🆗02. Brain Freeze
🆗03. Grind Rap
🌊04. Hi Lo
🆗05. Counting Paper
🔥06. Move On
🔥07. Still Sippin
🌊08. Comin Thru, Crawlin Slow
🌊09. Best Self
🆗10. Good Bidness
🆗11. Now I’m Blowed
Not much to really say bout this project. It completely what is expected & respected from Paul Wall. The features are so so. There are times where he’s incoherent on the most crucial parts of his raps that I’m left confused at times. Overall this project is not bad by any means & Paul Wall is a good rapper but this isn’t something I’m checking for, but I ain’t mad at it.
6.5/10 – TR!P
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