Ballads Of The Broken – Jelly Roll

Ballads Of The Broken – Jelly Roll

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?01. Dead Man Walking
?02. Backslide
??03. Son Of A Sinner
?04. Over You
?05. Hollow
?06. Even Angels Cry
?07. Sober
?08. Empty House
?09. Mobile Home (demo)
?10. Son Of A Sinner (demo)
Project is solid, the message and sadness are a very good time, if you’ve been through any of it, you will feel it but if you are in the thick of it currently this is for you. It has a nice mix of mood rock, some light pop sounding stuff and even him singing over some like trap type beats. Its him expressing some sadness over different types of beats. His voice is powerful, this is almost like country for the hood or people that physically cant say they like country. No features, just him sanging vibing throughout. This one of those ones that depends on your mood, if you are in a good mood you can acknowledge its good music but if you are down this is for you. Its solid overall, great mix, solid production, amazing content, and good pacing if you recognize the last 2 demo’s as demo’s. In rotation.
7.3/10 – John D.


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