Baw Baw Black Sheep – Rejjie Snow

Baw Baw Black Sheep – Rejjie Snow

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Baw Baw Black Sheep – Rejjie Snow

?01. Grateful
?02. Obrigado
?03. Cookie Chips
?04. Cookie Chips Interlude
?05. Mirrors
?06. Relax
?07. Relax Interlude
?08. Oreos
?09. Skip To My Lou
?10. On and On
?11. Disco Pantz
?12. Star in The Making
?13. Shooting Star
?14. Outro (I Just Wanna Be Me)
Project is straight vibes, usually I have a hard time enjoying projects with that jazzy feel to them but the way this project is mixed and just the clarity and pacing make this a good time for me even with the interludes and outros (which usually feel out of place or disjointed) this project is a nice cohesive piece and I’m here for it. Take notes you weirdos that think overly complicated beats and samples make your shit automatically good THIS is what you are trying to do and it’s done right here.
7.8/10- JW


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