Fame or Feds 3 – DJ Drama, Hardo & Deezlee

Fame or Feds 3 – DJ Drama, Hardo & Deezlee

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Fame or Feds 3 – DJ Drama, Hardo & Deezlee

?01. I Can’t Dance
?02. Murda Boyz (ft Pooh Sheisty)
?03. Corrence
?04. How The Dope Game Go
?05. Clap Ya Mans
?06. I Get A Rush
?07. Chaining Day (ft Benny The Butcher)
?08. Can’t Stop The Rain
?09. Belly Of The Beast
?10. Center Trap
?11. On The Go (ft FTR Drama
?12. Honest to God (ft Deezlee)
?13. Nothing to Me (ft Doe Boy)
First half of the project starts off strong then kinda pittles out at about the half way point, only a few songs just kinda flopped for me nothing straight up basura though. for the most part this project slides bunch of street cats talking street shit over dope beats. There’s even some real gems sprinkled in here if your really listening, I wasn’t mad at this at all I think trim the fat and this is a clean project.
6.8/10 – JW


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