So Icy Boyz – Gucci Mane

So Icy Boyz – Gucci Mane

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?01. Poppin
?02. Sno Cone f. Quavo
?03. Trap Life f. Bankroll Freddie
?04. TrapMania f. Cootie
?05. Rolling Loud
?06. Whole Lotta Ice f. Lil Baby & Pooh Shiesty
?07. From Da South
?08. Trap God
?09. Free Smoke
?10. Mo Money
?11. Free Foo
??12. So Icy
??13. On God
?14. My Lil Dance
?15. Slide
?16. Freestyle
?17. Neva Trust A Soul f. Enchanting
Overall project is a good time. If you looking for some deeply creative forward thinking woke lyrical shit then this isnt for you. This is just a compilation of Gucci clones putting out a compilation of just street bangers. Almost every song on here could intro on a youtube video or some basketball highlight clips and immediately make the clips better. Its street, its good quality, its aggressive all the double time rap negativity towards the youth and all the flash to go with it. Cannot be mad at it, its 2K season this is the type of stuff you want on in the background or something you wanna blast when driving by all the pumpkin spice folk. You get exactly what you would expect out of this, just a lil better quality, bit long but pacing is mixtape compilation mode so you cant really complain. Type of music that makes me wanna bedazzle my shoebox. In rotation.
7.5/10 – John D.


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