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Smoke Break EP – Problem

Smoke Break EP – Problem


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Smoke Break EP – Problem
🔥1. Standing Ovation
🌊2. Lionel Richy f. Airplane James
🔥3. DIM MY LIGHT f. Snoop Dogg
🔥4. Just Outside (Remix) f. Spoon
This a nice 4 piece with extra greens. Super smooth, but different flavors of smooth. Something to give you just enough to start your day right but not too much where you that annoying ass overly energized cat saying grand rising and shit like that. For a short project the pacing is nice and the content is very heartfelt, especially the closing track. Features did they thing shout out to the worlds uncle. No complaints here, bump this. I promise you will not only rock with it, but you will do some slick shit like lean back extra in your car, put one arm out the window and put your head on that smooth lightskin movie swivel for no reason. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.
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