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Lost in NYC – Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon

Lost in NYC – Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon


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Lost in NYC – Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon
🌊01. Pitchfork Placements
🔥02. Whoa Hold on
🚒03. Money Can’t Buy You Everything
🎶04. Interlude
🌊05. Embarrassment of Riches
🔥06. Safe Space For All My Lit Ones f. Joe Sig
🔥07. Igbo Landing f. Farragami & Sirius B
🌊08. Talking Paper f. YI
🔥09. Pulled the Plug No Funny f. Brian Orchestra
🚒10. That One Time On Holly Block f. Fly Anakin, Big Kahuna & Jay Pluss
Project slaps. This is a perfect cross between skateboard, smoke, and like old school backpack type rap. Its got that almost like pro era sound and he got a super dope cadence and delivery. The raps are here too, and they work well with all the smooth production. Each features especially everyone on the last track came to fucking play. I was here for it, this one of those ones that you could bump all year but for some reason you don’t put it on your top 5 for the year when people ask even if its clearly your most listened to. Need more projects like this. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.
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