Solful – Isabella Sol

Solful – Isabella Sol


Solful – Isabella Sol
?01. Realizations (Intro)
?02. Imagine (song is very low volume)
?03. Caught in Your Spell f. Ace One Eight
??04. Bodied f. L2R
?05. Go Ahead
?06. Memories Haunt U (Interlude)
?07. P.D.B. f. KA$HMERE…
?08. Don’t Come Back f. Moforicky
?09. Vacation f. Doknow
?10. Window
?11. Best Version of Me (Remastered)
?12. Dreams (Outro) f. Rae Monique
Project is solid, she can rap but she shines most when she is singing. Features showed up on here for the most part. Her raps can be a bit stronger, a few small adjustments and clearing a few rough edges and she will be able to really breakthrough. Production choice is up there, I loved all the production on this. Her singing you can tell was dope and just the structure and patterns she threw in there were dope, a little bit of engineer love and you got an artist that the mainstream would easily circulate, or even the higher tier underground circuit. I was feeling the content and the pacing but at moments there were a few things that threw me off like the low volume second track or some of the rougher mixes but all around she is talented and can do damage once some small changes to her delivery and even in house team are done. In rotation for sure.
7/10 – John D.


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