Mr. Beleaf – Mr. Beleaf

Mr. Beleaf – Mr. Beleaf


Mr. Beleaf – Mr. Beleaf
?01. Intro
?02. Lil Sumtin
?03. The Den f. Art Morera, Money Mogly & Big G
?04. Rap Game is Survival f. John Jigg$
?05. Take down goals f. Agony
?06. Miss Hip Hop f. Wrekonize, Stige & Leo Davincci
?07. Fresh to Def
?08. Get it Lit f. Onyx
?09. Front for me f. Rockness Monsta
??10. Interlude (Prayer’s Howl)
?11. Letters in the sky f. Joey Dasilva
?12. Manny
?13. Pink Eyed Ponys f. Shottie & Money Mogly
?14. Feels like the End
Project is dope. Start to finish you can tell this was put together with love and passion. Its got bars, its got stories, its got real heart. The features honestly all showed up, no one slacked at all which is dope because sometimes bigger name features on underground projects be dickheads. The pacing was dope, and highkey the production this man was stylin on was cleannnnnnn. You had all the variety, and that matters since this project is a bit longer than most. All in all I can show this to anyone and it gives you signs that some people remember the golden era. This project can honestly hang with allot of the top underground projects this year in terms of just complete projects. In rotation easily.
8.5/10 – John D.


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