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Jerusalem – Nu Jerzey Twork

Jerusalem – Nu Jerzey Twork
Jerusalem – Nu Jerzey Twork
🔥01. Intro
🔥02. Jeroozalem
🌊03. City of Blood (the end 🤣)
🌊04. Mushu (SooWoo)
🔥05. Make it Out
🔥06. Easy Being Me
🔥07. Uncut
🔥08. Toxic Oasis
🌊09. Little White Lie
🚒10. Had It & Giving It Away f. Preem
🔥11. Dark Place f. Big Ooh
🔥12. (1) Missed Call
🚒13. Have Me
🚒14. 50 Dickinson St
🔥15. Murdertown f. Ace Amin [Bonus Track] {Remix}
This project had it all. It had story, content, raps, flows, production, dope features, great pacing, quality and quantity. I honestly couldn’t praise it enough in a small paragraph. You got a perfect blend between album mode and for the streets. The tone of this feels very grounded to his home and roots, but the fact that it feels like his story, his experiences, highs and lows makes this feel unique compared to whats out lately, all delivered with variety hes put allot into it even if sometimes he got a bit of a more monotone Dave East thing happening. Then you have amazing production, switch-ups and more. Lastly you have features to add the right contrast even if dude at the end of track 2 scared me for a second. This is one of those ones that I would’ve never expected, or looked for but somehow its needed. Battle rappers changing the old stigma, love to see it. In heavy rotation.
9/10 – John D.
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