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Shane – Madchild

Shane – Madchild
Shane – Madchild
🌊01. Alone
🔥02. Boxed in
🔥03. Mvp
🆗04. Suck it
🌊05. Lone Wolf
🆗06. Underrated
🌊07. Not In Control
🌊08. Mental Health
🌊09. Gods Child
🔥10. Evolved
🌊11. Why I’m Mad
🌊12. Forgiveness
🆗13. Cojones
There’s nothing out right wack about this there’s a couple tracks where he sounds mad stiff, but then he’s snapping on a few others I can’t hate I just feel like the target audience for this is very specific maybe a little to specific. What I’m trying to say is this is the kind of shit you bump fresh outta court mandated rehab, with peace and love this is the kinda music someone 30 days sober makes their friend listen to while they go on a god complex rant about how much clarity they have now and try to convince everyone to go clean. We all know one ✌️
7/10 – JW
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