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They Think We Ghetto – Quadry

They Think We Ghetto – Quadry
They Think We Ghetto – Quadry
🌊01. 4 My…. & We Were
🔥02. I Grew Up
🌊03. Recognize Myself
🔥04. Im Goin’
🌊05. Baby Boy f. Frank Leone
🌊06. In Your City
🔥07. That Scent (The New Me) f. bLAck pARty
🌊08. Once Upon a Time In the Parking Lot
🔥09. Where’s the Indica f. Nafets, Tev’n & Love Mansuy
🔥10. I Can’t Throw No Stones f. Grip & Tommy Rogue
🔥11. You Cant Pick Up?
This project was a breathe of fresh air. This the soulful side of the new age sound. This one of those ones if you put this on in front of some old heads or hip hop purists they would immediately try to reject it but if you let it ride they would ask “This the same shit from earlier?” 4-5 times because they wont understand the reaction they ears are having. The pacing was on point. The quality was clean, the content is what really got me. This is real street story’s told by individuals in the background, its that simple. The production was up there, and just the overall feel of this one was special. Features all added more power to the mix making this honestly one that I instantly loved but will probably love more as I keep it streaming. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.
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