All Beasts Show Their Teeth 2 – Kingdom Kome

All Beasts Show Their Teeth 2 – Kingdom Kome


All Beasts Show Their Teeth 2 – Kingdom Kome
?01. Truth f. DV Alias Khryst & U.G.
??02. Hunger f. ?Siyah & Stef Barcelona
?03. Livestock f. Timbo King, Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Tragedy Khadafi, Antonia Jenae’ & Maki-B
??04. Money Pal f. Psycho Les
?05. Los Salvajaes f. Soarse Spoke & Omniscient
??06. Ball With Mine f. Izzy
?07. Dark Skies f. Stef Barcelona
??08. Door of Death f. Killah Priest
?09. World’s End
?10. Make Believe f. Zynzelay
?11. Picture This f. Wise Intelligent
?12. Maldad f. Alfredo Nicholas Clemente
??13. Nothing But Bullets f. Conway the Machine & Bobo David
?14. Can’t Sit With Us f. Meyhem Lauren, Thirstin Howl the 3rd & Antonia Jenae’
Project was solid for the most part. My biggest thing was that some of the songs just would go on too long or some features would throw them off. Outside of those duds everything else was super dope, the raps, the production and the content. This is more of a batch of rap tracks not really a theme or thought, so the pacing is what it is. Allot of the features came to fucking play, and that was a big plus its just there are so many features you sometimes can miss or forget who project it is, if he didnt sprinkle in one song thats just him on it I wouldnt have been able to pinpoint who he was on this. Overall this is a good time, just cut some of the track minutes down or take a few songs off this and you are good money. Either way its in rotation it just shouldve ranked so much higher.
7/10 – John D.


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