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Scrappers – Lil Moe 6Blocka & Rooga

Scrappers – Lil Moe 6Blocka & Rooga

Scrappers – Lil Moe 6Blocka & Rooga

💤 1. Real Life
💤2. 4GE
🚑3. Get Out
🆗4. Street 2 Me
💤5. Get You Wacked
💩6. Scrappers
💩7. Bali
💤8. No Love
🆗9. Where I’m From

If they don’t get this unfit uncle a job application and send his violent ass nephew back to school. This by no means is even close to an average album. This album is bland, redundant and contradictory. It’s called scrappers but there is so much stick talk & not enough bobbing n weaving. Too much recycling of the same bars, topics, & half ass flows. Most of the beat selection sounds like everything was found on youtube but at least the production is the shining quality of this project. This “shining” quality also shines a light on the fact that a grown man is letting this child get away with this while thinking he was nice enough to back him up. This is just another street album, it’s message has little substance and even had me rolling me eyes like I didn’t just hear a toddler say “I put a glock to his face” 10 times already.
1/10 – TR!P


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