Brick by Brick – Yung Cinco

Brick by Brick – Yung Cinco


Brick by Brick – Yung Cinco
?01. Know my Struggle f. Marissa Rivera
??02. Rules 2Da Game f. Big Tone
?03. Poisoned Youth
??04. 4-A “Season” f. BrickBoy Thutie $ Stupid Young
?05. Stitch Lip f. ?DW Flame
?06. Hustle in You f. Ginger
?07. Hang Wit Us f. ?Mozzy
?08. Trap f. Acito & Rico 2 Smoove
?09. This Life Crazy f. Dee Cisneros
??10. Love Me f. ?Marissa Rivera
??11. My Better Half
?12. Loyalty over Money f. Lil D & Blanco Balling
This project was type ass. For one this sound is not for me, I spend most of my time making fun of the repeated obnoxious baseline thats on 98% of the songs, but to make it worse the beats arent that far apart. This probably has 3 beats total that don’t sound like the rest so it really feels like one big song with 3 switchups. Not a fan, he can rap and talking some street shit but it sounds like something anyone can do, he doesnt play with flows or cadences so it gets boring and the features didnt add too much contrast, only like a few stood out. I am by no means in the know when it comes to the bay area but this to me sounds like some cookie cutter clone rap but from that direction. This what I imagine those side pawns in LA hood movies who die immediately music would sound like. This wasnt for me, it drags, theres no real contrast, pacing is weak. Quality and such is here but they might have to try something different to unlock that.
3/10 – John D.


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