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They Call Me Danny James EP – Lil Dee

They Call Me Danny James EP – Lil Dee
They Call Me Danny James EP – Lil Dee
🆗1. Whoa
😴2. Run It Up f. Flamez Da Prince
🆗3. Don’t Worry
👍🏾4. For the Bag
🌊5. Thinkin Bout It
🌊6. Golden Child
Project is lowkey boring. He can rap and he raps really good but thats all I can really take from this. Track 2 needs more mix love, hook was just yelling at my left all sharp, had to get that off my chest. Shout out to him taking risks doing some new age when he clearly got that old school sound locked in but honestly when you rap this good the bar of expectation has to be raised. This needed better substance, heavier bars, not just complex syllables to be complex syllables or raps to just be raps, we need content, haymakers, and sauce mixed in. Felt like this was a heat check to do some new age which worked more for me than the ladder and that hurt a bit because if the hard hitting gritty gritty hit the way you know he SHOULD be hitting then this would’ve sounded more complete. Production was ok on all ends, he don’t need features just an honest homie in his ear letting him know whats missing, or a truly honest look at what he wants to accomplish now. Project is type meh.
5.5/10 – John D.
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