God’s Gun – Vakill

God’s Gun – Vakill


God’s Gun – Vakill
?1. Chicag.O.a.T.
?2. Focus
?3. As Long as the Villain Wins
?4. Vest Check 1, 2 f. Twista
?5. God’s Got’ Em
?6. Catalog of Filth
?7. Fallin’
This heavy hand raps. This rap for cats who will shoot you on they property because they know they wont do time. Whole energy screams he keeps that thang on him even if he’s running the grill at a bbq. If I had to say anything bad about this is some of the songs are a bit long, but outside of that this is food and medicine. His raps are like listening to someone who is secretly woke but still talk street just talking to you about life, its got heavy lines, its got hood stories, its got real flexes, its got aggression, and allot of personality. I rocked with it, he had features and they did they thing but it wasnt needed. He had enough raps, the production was on point too. Pacing was solid, minus the drop in energy for the last track. It all worked for me, this right here is hip hop for hood heads who appreciate khaki shorts in fancy situations. In rotation.
7.8/10 – John D.


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