Parallel – A-Wax & Analise

Parallel – A-Wax & Analise


Parallel – A-Wax & Analise
??1. 3 AM
?2. Blicky f. King Iso
?3. W.D.P.
?4. Shadow
?5. Drucci
?6. Parallel
?7. Hard Remix
?8. Better
Project is solid. They have good chemistry for the most part but I felt like allot of it Wax was just dialing it in. She was carrying allot of the weight and atmosphere and he was just featuring on these tracks. Its got moments but most of it is copy and paste as far as what they talking about and just the pacing and feeling of it all. Again its not bad it just doesnt leave you with wanting more, for something so short. It makes you feel like they gave you this and thats all they were planning on giving you. More for the smokers and lowkey type after midnight vibes but I wouldnt drive too much with this on or put it on at the gym. In rotation very solid, just makes you want more.
7/10 – John D.


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