186.22 – GB

186.22 – GB


186.22 – GB
?01. West Wit It
?02. Flame
?03. Another Day (Skit)
?04. Pistol Wit a Body
??‍♂️05. Probable Cause (Skit)
?06. Dayroom Flows
?07. Flatline
?08. Disobedient
??‍⚖️09. Case Dismissed (Skit)
?10. Call Me
?‍11. Phone Call (Skit)
?12. Gang Members
?13. Ena
?14. Y’all Ain’t Been
Project is dope. Stiff skits aside this tells a straight forward street story. Nothing too unrealistic, very grounded from most likely experience but also showing goods and bads from different sides like the justice system cops etc. Not bad, he can fucking rap his delivery is cold almost got a Nip feel to his cadence, his delivery is solid, and the weight of his words are his strong point. You just get the feeling he is about everything he is saying or at minimum has really seen it and thats what gives this that bit of originality thats missing in allot of the industry. It all connects and gives you just a quick story that some will relate to, some will be interested in but on top of that the music slaps and mixes up different sub genres of hip hop. In rotation.
7/10 – John D.


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