?01. 3018091821
?02. Santa Monica Blvd
?03. Dogs Don’t Lie
?04. Truth
?05. PradadaBang f. Young Thug
?06. Shoot My Shot f. Offset
?07. Red f. Westside Gunn, MF Doom & Jay Electronica
?08. Jelly
?09. Puerto Rico
?10. Temporary Love
?11. 10 Feet
?12. Keto
?13. 1995
?14. Peloton
?15. Hey Auntie
?16. Cry in Church
?17. Closure
Been a while since an album or even a song put tears in my eyes, it hit me on a very real and personal level multiple times and I don’t even know this guy. This project is special. I am gonna get the obvious out the way, he has moments where he sounds more like Kanye than Kanye now does. That aside, this dude is dope, talented, and honestly DOES IT ALL in this. The raps, the subjects, the flows, the hooks, the harmonies, you honestly cannot tell me something he didn’t absolutely nail on this one. The production is up there with him, the features are all guests but add that flair but by no means are needed, not in a bad way just know that he would’ve figure it out. Project is a perfect thought, pacing, everything. Its special. He did so much that our format of short reviews cant even list it all. This is after one listen, I got so much from this and will easily tell you as of right now this is my album of the year. It doesnt play by the rules, its original, it feels like his story thru and thru, and it feels like exactly how he ended it, closure. This is one of those ones. In heavy rotation.
10/10 – John D.


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