It’s Mostly About Her… – William McNasty

It’s Mostly About Her… – William McNasty

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It’s Mostly About Her… – William McNasty

?01. Molly (intro)
?02. Me & You 66
?03. Love No More
?04. Ho A$$
?05. Yeah!
?06. Been On (freestyle)
?07. I Ain’t Gunna Lie
??08. The Champ
?09. Snake
??10. Fwm Now
?11. Mcnasty Dope
?12. Future Unwritten (outro)

No. Just NO! You know that scene in sister act when Whoopi scratched the chalk board to get the students attention. The pain in their eyes listening to the sound was my face the entire 12 song length. The production for the most part is clean, when he actually rapped (the champ) it was ok but then he did some dumb hook that ruined the entire song. Don’t let me get started on the auto tune. Just awful from track one to whenever this garbage was taken out. Hard pass.
.5/10 – LP



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