Rainman – Black-D

Rainman – Black-D

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?01. King Doey
?02. Voice of Ahmaud f. The Sober Junkie
?03. Stay Up f. The Sober Junkie
?04. Locksmith Vaccine Recap
?05. Hataz
?06. Black-D
?07. Anfwm (hook took the fire from this)
?08. Wicked f. King Kahali & the Gatlin (had me in the first half)
?09. till i die f. ?Chris Rivers
?10. Diggin’
?11. HEAVY BAR LIFTING f. Vic Shadez & Grafh
?12. For Da Luv
?13. F****n’ Up My High
?14. Last Call f. ?Mickey Factz
?15. Feelin’ Good
?16. Una Palabra
??17. We Got One
?18. The Process f. The Gatlin
?19. Take Away the Pain

How did you get away with sampling all these known rock songs? Then you ended up getting some solid underground features too? sir are you a millionaire? Outside of that the only bad I can say about this project is its mad long. I started running songs back because I started playing with shit on my desk and reading articles on kotaku. Dude can really rap but when you have this many songs the pacing falls apart unless you are telling a story. The production is dope mostly but sometimes it gets very strange. Features added the contrast they needed, but sometimes I felt like the beats didnt match them or even the skits. Perfect example is track 8, the skit slapped then the song kicked into some hippity hop shit, not good shoulda been a banger. Or the Mickey Factz track like he did his thing but the beat wasnt something that deserved either of they heat. In rotation tho all things considered. Its a good project just too all over and too much.
7.8/10 – John D.



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