The Course of the Inevitable – Lloyd Banks

The Course of the Inevitable – Lloyd Banks


The Course of the Inevitable – Lloyd Banks
?01. Propane
?02. Sidewalks
?03. Empathy f. Freddie Gibbs
?04. Early Exit f. Roc Marci
?05. Formaldehyde f. Benny the Butcher
?06. Death by Design
?07. Food f. Styles P
?08. Crown
?09. Falsified f. Ransom
?10. Break Me Down (Hook was luke warm)
?11. Commitment
?12. Pain Pressure Paranoia
?13. Stranger Things
?14. Drop 5
?15. Panic f. Sy Ari Da Kid
?16. Smoke and Mirrors
?17. Dishonorable Discharge f. Vado
?18. C O T I
We try to not be bias with our reviews and go via the project itself BUT BLUE HEFNER IS BACK. Arguably never left. If he is retiring for real and this is his last body of work, we couldnt ask for anything better. This is pure hunger, but you can also hear a bit of bitterness and chip on his shoulder. The fucking features, mannnnnn I don’t need to say anything about them, minus the Sy Ari one that was solid but I didn’t care for it, the rest came to fucking RAP. He came to show people why he has been in the punchline and just rap conversation since his freshman. The production is here, and the consistent thing throughout all of this is its direction, its straight to your face and straight to the point. This is for the hip hoppers, for the streets, for the fucking culture. In rotation.
10/10 – John D.


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