Borrowed Time – Dark Lo & Harry Fraud

Borrowed Time – Dark Lo & Harry Fraud

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Borrowed Time – Dark Lo & Harry Fraud

??1. Daily Prayers
?2. Premonition
?3. Shots Ringing
?4. Vultures f. AR-AB
?5. Right Left Interlude
?6. Blicky
?7. Missing Summers f. Boldy James
?8. Auntie Had Withdrawals
?9. Careless

Project is a good time, starts a bit slow as far as Lo but as the songs start piling up he starts to find his bag and doesnt leave it. Production is so smooth on this one I could bump it without vocals comfortably. Lo comes in and does his thing street raps and honestly just back to back bars. His delivery a bit harsh but its part of the charm but I couldnt help but feel like someone else or a level down wouldve given these beats more justice. Features added that good contrast that really made a difference mid project. Its clean, its straight to the point and in rotation.
7.9/10 John D.


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