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Badfellas – The Truth & Frank B

Badfellas – The Truth & Frank B
Badfellas – The Truth & Frank B
🍝1. Lil Mo Mozzarella
🔥2. Badfellas
🔥3. FU Pay Me
🔥4. Paint Houses f. Bobby J From Rockaway
🌊5. Funny How
🔥6. Code Red f. Cold Sholda
🔥7. Caruso
🔥8. My Cousin
🔥9. That’s It
Project slaps. This is back to back flows, back to back raps, and back to back tracks about some dope mobster shit but also where they come from. I was here for it, the contrast, the theme, the production, the cuts, skits and all it worked out. Seems like they put a good amount into the quality and such but also into the barsssss. They was rap rappin. The chemisty is here, the pacing is here, its a good time something you wanna blast around the Burroughs. Its short too so the replay value is here. In rotation.
8/10 – John D.
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