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The Whole in My Heart, Pt. 2 – Napoleon Da Legend & Akhenaton

The Whole in My Heart, Pt. 2 – Napoleon Da Legend & Akhenaton
🔥 1. Chapter 3
🚒 2. Natural Game
🚒 3. Hedgehog Dilemma (f. Deni Hines)
🔥 4. Invincible (f. NapsNdreds)
🔥 5. Killa Promo
🔥 6. People Always Come First
💎 7. Underdogs
🔥 8. If The Shoe Fits
Production, lyrics, quality, delivery; all fire. Track 7 is a must hear. There are a few reasons why I’ve compared NDL and Nas in the past. Their ability to tell a story and project emotion without having to over accentuate their deliveries, their ability to lyrically tell a solid and grabbing story, & their ability to stay lyrically and verbally consistent in their writing and performances at all times. Whether you hate or love what I’m about to say; NDL is one of the hardest working hip-hop artists out there, and will easily go down in history as one of the goats if he can gain the right exposure. Give him some DJ Premier production and I’m confident that he could give us a 2021 illmatic level album. NDL is only some exposure and legendary production away from becoming a ‘top 5 of all time’ level hip-hop artist.
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