Be Right Back – Jorja Smith

Be Right Back – Jorja Smith


Be Right Back – Jorja Smith
?1. Addicted
?2. Gone
?3. Bussdown f. Shaybo
?4. Time
?5. Home
?6. Burn
?7. Digging
?8. Weekend
Project is so smooth. This was made for ladies that moisturize with homemade organic products and naturally smell like like coco butter. The second I put this on I wanted to go out in the sun and close my eyes, and also made me wish someone would take a deep pic of me so I could post it with a long winded quote under it. Her voice is beautiful, the music follows, the melodies the hooks, the message and all. It flows, to the point where when it restarted I didn’t think twice. You can keep this on all day and not only will it probably make your brain pump happy hormones, it might even lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. Heavy rotation.
8.9/10 – John D.


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