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SINsational – Nef The Pharaoh

SINsational – Nef The Pharaoh
SINsational – Nef The Pharaoh
🆗01. The Chang
👍02. 20 Questions Later (Signs)
😴03. Would You Give Me (f. Derek King)
👎04. Mentions (f. DaBoii)
👎05. Cha Cha
🚮06. Be Your Best Freak
😴07. So High
😴08. 1017 Woksquad
🚮09. Big Steppa (f. Mari Taylor & Offset Jim)
🚛10. Fast Break
👎11. No Label (f. Chris O’Bannon)
😴12. The Zena Way
🚮13. Hard on a Hoe (f. Miami the Most)
Project started off with hope. I thought to myself “this dude sounds like he’s gonna rap” then it took a left turn and went downhill. The rest of the project was riddled with generic production, simplistic and generic lyrics practicing the same topics that we’ve heard thousands of times, and flows that uncomfortably fell offbeat one too many times. The good part is I could at least understand the lyrics, and the lyrics weren’t always bad, but with a name like Nef The Pharaoh, you gotta snap in your music, and he did the opposite. This one wasn’t for me.
1/10 – D
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